Contra CIA Cocaine Connections

“Quite frankly I don’t think our investigation would have proceeded without John” -Aide to Senator John Kerry

Mattes was one of the first to uncover the illegal Contra war and ties to the NSC in 1985. His investigation exposed the illegal weapons trafficking from South Florida to the Contras. The investigation revealed how Contra leaders were involved in ongoing massive cocaine shipments, all of which were protected by the CIA. Over a 5 year period, Mattes defended Contra whistleblowers who provided critical evidence of the trafficking of multi-ton shipments of Cocaine.

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 The Lost Army Commandos

Mattes uncovered one of the darkest secrets of the Vietnam War by exposing how the CIA and DOD abandoned hundreds of commandos in Communist POW camps for 25 years. The government covered up the scandal by declaring all of the men dead. Mattes sued the CIA  and the Pentagon on behalf of the commandos. He also fought for years to bring the men out of Vietnam to safety in the US. Mattes was not only able to bring over 175 former commandos out of Vietnam, but he successfully won their right to compensation for the horrible injustice.

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