John Mattes/Investigative Guy investigations have uncovered health insurance scams, banking swindles, and mortgage modification schemes, just to name a few.

Mattes began his career as a county commissioner in Madison, Wisconsin where he uncovered massive nepotism in the county workforce. His investigation resulted in a complete overhaul of the hiring system for the county. The Wisconsin State Journal said, “Mattes is inquisitive, persistent and resourceful with a tough determination to probe behind the surface of things”.

After Mattes finished law school in Miami, he embarked on several groundbreaking investigations. His first major investigation was of the Contra drug smuggling gun running as part of Iran–Contra. His work was critical in exposing the illegal network and in assisting Senator John Kerry’s investigation of narcotics trafficking. At the time the chief of staff to Senator Kerry commented: “Quite frankly, I don’t think our investigation would have proceeded without John.”

Mattes then went on to become investigative counsel for the US Senate investigating POW issues. His work helped uncover con-men exploiting the POW movement for commercial gain.

After leaving government service Mattes then began a 3-year campaign to rescue CIA Commandos left behind in communist POW camps for 20 years.  He was able to bring over 150 POW families out of Vietnam and after a lengthy court battle able to win compensation for over 350 POWs who had been left behind in Vietnam by the CIA.

Mattes then became an investigative consultant to ABC World News where he assisted investigations of charity fraud and banking.

In 1998 Mattes became an investigative reporter for Wami TV in Miami. His award-winning stories uncovered workers forced to pay kickbacks to bosses at the airport and the links between the auto title loan industry and organized crime figures.

Mattes moved on from Miami to become the investigative reporter for the nationally syndicated show Uncovered. His stories there exposed numerous scams.

In 2002 Mattes moved to San Diego where he became an investigative reporter for Fox 6 where he earned 5 Emmys, an Edward R Morrow Award, 10 Press Club Awards and a Golden Mike. While in San Diego, Mattes gained international notice when a man he had exposed for $30 million in mortgage fraud attempted to kill Mattes on camera.

Since 2009 Mattes has been an online investigative reporter for his website Investigative Guy and has worked as a consumer advocate and litigator.

Now, Mattes is working on perhaps his largest and most explosive investigation to date. Since September of 2016, Mattes has been investigating the interference of the Russian government in the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016. He has been collecting and analyzing data pointing to the conclusion that Russian elements used social media to infiltrate the Bernie Sanders campaign with the purpose of poisoning the Democratic coalition that would rise in support of Hillary Clinton. Their aim: to convince Sanders supporters to stay home or write in a third party candidate on Election Day in order to secure a victory for Donald Trump. His investigation has been covered by numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, The New Yorker, and Buzzfeed. Mattes’s work was also covered on The Rachel Maddow show on March 21st, 2017.

This investigation is ongoing, and Mattes will continue to share developments and spread awareness via print and online media, as well as through public talks and presentations. Contact us to find out how you can stay in the loop and be the first to learn of new discoveries.